February 14, 2012

Photos of Rayne's House!

For those of you who are fans of Deep Blue Secret, you might enjoy the new photos I posted on my website today. You can even catch a glimpse of Rayne's house! Some of us are probably even wishing we were there with him right now, celebrating Valentine's Day. What can I say, he's an amazing guy! A lot of exciting moments also take place there in the second book, Rogue Wave (maybe even some kisses...wink wink).

You can view the photos here or follow this link to my website which allows you to view larger images in the photo viewer.

This is the tunnel which leads under Coast Hwy to Crystal Cove, the place Sadie falls off the rock and is rescued by Rayne.

Crystal Cove is the beach where Sadie and Rayne first meet!

The tide pools Sadie wanted to visit are down past the small orange umbrella at the end. There are a lot of big rocks out in the middle of the water for her to climb. (Or fall off of)

Sadie's rock, where she falls and hits her head. This was taken at low tide so the water level looks low, but during high tide the rock is surrounded by water. Don't slip! Unless you want to be rescued by a mysterious hot boy :)

This is the bench at the shuttle stop where Sadie and Rayne almost kiss!

That shuttle driver has terrible timing! Who knows if Sadie and Rayne will ever get to finish that kiss now. Boo hoo!

Rayne's house! I walked by this house every day when I stayed in Newport Beach while writing Deep Blue Secret. It became the inspiration for how I pictured Rayne's house in the story.

Can you see the quaint white door hidden behind all the bushes? A lot of magical moments are shared at this doorstep between Sadie and Rayne!

Do you wish Rayne really lived here just as much as I do? Maybe if we wait long enough, that SUV parked out front will turn into a Range Rover... ha ha

You can't see it, but this house even has a real intercom with a call button, just like Rayne's. Of course, Rayne's is more high-tech with all kinds of video surveillance and such, because he's just cool like that.

The hospital where Sadie's mom, Leena works.

Can you picture Rayne sneaking Sadie up to the hospital roof in the middle of the night?

The view from the roof of the hospital during daylight. The roof is not accessible to the public, but I have connections... tee hee hee

Another view from the hospital roof

The intersection across the street from "Inspiration Point" in Corona Del Mar, where Sadie takes Rayne so they can talk after she passes out at school.

The small grassy area at Inspiration Point. This was a really gray day. I hope Sadie brought her raincoat.

This isn't where Sadie and Rayne stopped to talk. They walked farther down the path to the lookout platform.

Looking down over the edge, you can now see the platform below where Rayne tells Sadie about her Watermark and she runs off down that path to the edge of the sand.

Here's the platform where they talked. You can see the view of the rock jetty at the end of Newport Harbor on the left and the beach where Sadie runs off alone on the right. Can't you just picture Rayne running to the edge and hopping over the rail with one easy jump?!

Poor Rayne had to run back up the ramp when he heard his car alarm. He had to chase Voss instead of following after Sadie to the beach.

Now we're way over on the opposite side of the beach, on the rock jetty. This was a much sunnier day! If you look in the bottom right corner, you will see the ramp leading down to the sand where Sadie ran down.

This was taken in the summer, so the lot is packed. But when Heather came to pick up Sadie after getting rained on, this place was practically empty.