May 6, 2013

Cover Reveal & Release Date - Ambrosia Shore!

AMBROSIA SHORE IS ALMOST HERE! And to prove it... here is the cover!

I have one chapter left to write, and then I'm sending out the end to beta readers. If all goes as planned (and the beta readers don't think it's a total flop, in which case I would probably need my husband to check me into a loony bin), I should have comments back, edits done, and formatting complete within the next few weeks. I'm finding it really hard to set an exact date, so for now I'm setting a release "week" instead.

Soooo... Book 3 of The Water Keepers should be coming your way sometime between:

May 24-31, 2013

I can't tell you how excited I am to finally share this book with you!

Sadie never dreamed she would see the world of Ambrosia with her own two eyes, just like Rayne never believed he would have the chance to share it with her. Finally, they can be together without any lies, without hiding who they are, in a world that shines brighter than Sadie could ever imagine. There’s only one problem. Rayne had to break grievous laws in order to bring her there, and he is expected to pay the price. Sadie believes her father has the power to free Rayne, but he has been missing for days. Now, Sadie is alone in an unfamiliar world and desperate to help Rayne before it’s too late.